About us



About us


HM SOFT TECH Ltd. is a software development and outsourcing company specializing in cross organization software development services, such as custom made ERP, CRM, AI, BI applications, websites, web-based software and software integrations.
We provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution with abilities in ASP.NET / MVC / C# / MSSQL / PHP / JS / JAVA / MYSQL (+70 technologies) for the benefit of our diverse customer range such as early-stage-startups, companies of all sizes, government organizations, charities and more.




One Stop Shop IT services

  1. Remote service developers outsourcing (build your team in any scale)
  2. Custom web development (CRM, ERP, Billing and more...)
  3. Ecommerce websites / marketplaces development
  4. Applications development (IOS / ANDROID)
  5. Design – UI / UX services
  1. Microsoft technologies ( Asp.net mvc, asp, .net, #C, ADO.net etc.)
  2. PHP Core & Frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, Yii, etc.)
  4. Data bases (MSsql, mysql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, etc.)
  5. Client side ( HTML5 / Ajax / CSS3 / JavaScript, JQuery, etc.)
  6. App developers ( Native / Hybrid )
  7. Open source developers (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, dnn, Woocommerce, Nopcommerce etc. )
  1. Practical experience in thousands of projects
  2. High efficiency for competitive costs
  3. More than 250 professional developers on demand
  4. Keeping our clients close and updated
  5. If its new and promising we got it! Dynamically integrating new technologies
  6. Every client / project get bug fixing and liability service after project finalization
  7. Development services, design, plan and architecture, BI & hosting all in one place.

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